1. Current Situation Analysis


Before we start to install any Monitoring stations outside and inside of your property, we would check the current status of your property as illustrated in the Termite Inspection service.

During this exercise, we are not only checking the termite status of your house, but also highlighting to you conditions that are conducive to termite attacks.

Such conditions include wood or plant and branches pile left unattended, leaking kitchen sink, leaking wall and roof, unorganized storeroom and so on.

By the end of the inspection exercise, we should be able to advice you on remedial or corrective actions that could be carried out by you.


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2. Determination of Number of Stations Installation Points


During Step 1, we would also make an estimate on the number of installation points for, if required, In-Ground Monitoring (IG) stations at the exterior areas and Above-Ground Monitoring (AGM) stations at the interior areas in your property.

By now, our pest specialist shall be able to provide you a verbal estimate of cost incurred for the Termite Protection Program in your property.

A formal quotation/proposal shall be sent to you within 24 hours upon request.

Our pest specialist shall also show you the sites intended for the stations installation.


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3. Installation of Monitoring Stations


Upon your approval on our quotation/proposal, our Pest Specialist shall install all the required Monitoring stations at the sites as determined in Step 2.

The In-Ground Monitoring (IG) stations would be installed along the perimeter of the exterior of your house with a distance of 3 meter apart.

The Above-Ground Monitoring (AGM) stations would be installed in the interior at strategic locations like water inlet or outlet pipes under the cabinet sink, corners of wooden floor skirting, beside door frames, beside cabinet and wardrobes, and so on.

At the end of the installation, our pest specialist would show you all the monitoring stations installation sites.


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4. Routine Checking on the Installed Monitoring Stations


This step is the heart of the Termite Protection Program.

The key activity is to routinely check and monitor (normally at 1 to 2 months interval) the installed Monitoring station and its surrounding areas for any termite activity.

The main aim here is to Catch Any Termite Presence In Your Property As Soon As Possible and Eliminate the infesting Termite Colony before they do any damage to your property.

During each visit, the top cap of the In-Ground Monitoring stations would be opened and checked for any termite activity.

The installed Above-Ground Monitoring stations and its adjacent areas would be inspected for any termite activity.

If termites were intercepted in any of Monitoring stations, the Termite Baiting Program would be initiated immediately to eliminate the infesting termite colony.

This Inspection/Baiting cycle would be repeated until the contract ends.


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