1. In-Ground Monitoring Stations (IG)


In-Ground Monitoring stations are tube-like stations.

They are used at exterior of a property which has open land surrounding a property (for example bungalows, semi-Ds, corner-lot of linked houses or commercial buildings).

These stations are buried inside the ground at a regular interval (about 3 metres) along the perimeter of the property.

They are installed with or without the presence of termites in a property serve as an early detection system for any termite activities around the property.

Initially, a monitoring device (without termiticide) is put inside an IG station and once termites are intercepted in any of the installed stations, poisoned baits are then installed.


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2. Above-Ground Monitoring Stations (AGM)


Above-Ground Monitoring stations are small square containers (35mm x 35 mm) installed at interior of a building.

These stations are normally installed at strategic places, for example bathroom door frames, inside edges of kitchen cabinets, water inlet or outlet piping under the sink, and so on, which are favourite attacking points for termites.

A monitoring devices (without termiticide) will be placed inside each station for monitoring purpose.

These stations are checked in regular basis.

Once termites are intercepted in any of the installed Above-Ground Monitoring (AGM) stations, it will be replaced with Above-Ground Baiting (AGB) station to initiate the termite baiting process.

We would also install these stations after a treated termite colony has been eliminated or in a property where customers engaged us for termite protection program.


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3. Monitoring Devices


Monitoring Devices are made of wood or cellulose materials and termiticide free. Their main purpose is to detect any active termite activities surrounding the installed area.

They are placed inside an In-Ground monitoring station or Above-Ground monitoring station. Once active termites are found infesting the devices, they are replaced with poisoned bait.


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4. Above-Ground Baiting Stations (AGB)


Above-Ground Baiting stations are rectangle plastic containers.

They are installed directly on top or adjacent to sites where active termites are detected.


Poisoned termite baits are placed inside and actual baiting would start immediately active termites start feeding on the baits.

These installed stations are monitored regularly for feeding progress and empty stations are replenished with fresh baits until the entire treated termite colony is eliminated.


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5. Poisoned Termite Baits


Poisoned Termite Baits are considered the backbone of our termite baiting system.

The bait not only contains highly palatable food for termites but also contains a minute quantity of termiticide (called chlorfluazuron in 0.1% weight over weight) which kills termites slowly.

Once termites start feeding in a baiting station, this poisoned bait would be continuously fed by replenishing the empty station regularly until the whole treated termite colony is eliminated.


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6. Mante Information System (MIS)


A termite baiting system is considered incomplete if it does not have a comprehensive monitoring, scheduling and reporting system.

Our system is designed to capture and record the progress of the termite baiting as well as to schedule the progressive inspection visits. The system is also capable in producing baiting progress reports.


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