What do we use?


In order to effectively control cockroaches and at the same time minimize the use of pesticides in solving your cockroach problems in your property, we opt to use the newer baiting technique.

We use cockroach gel bait as it is a highly flexible product with proven efficacy.

The gel bait is applied through a syringe applicator on to the site surface which is out of reach of children or pets.

Cockroach baiting, we believe, is a more thorough method to get rid of cockroach groups that are residing in your property.


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How do we do it?


We apply cockroach gel bait in cockroaches hiding places, inside cracks and crevices and cockroach frequent sites.

Inside the septic tanks where a lot of cockroaches are hiding in the daytime, gel bait would be applied in gel droplets on the sidewalls.

Gel bait droplets would be applied on indoor hiding sites for example under electrical appliances like refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens and so on.

Gel bait strips would be applied on cracks, crevices and gaps which serve as hiding places or entry points on walls, inside kitchen cabinets and so on.

Gel bait droplets or strips would also be applied on sites where faeces, secretion and egg cases are found which indicate high cockroach activity around.


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What are the expected results?


Based on our experience, the existing cockroaches which is residing in your property would be rid of within a month after the first treatment.

Because the gel bait would not kill cockroaches immediately, you might see dead cockroaches around in the opens, inside your property.

This is also a sign that the bait is working.

Cockroaches also demonstrate cannibalism habit where healthy cockroaches would feed on dying or dead cockroaches.

Living cockroaches might feed on poisoned cockroaches that have consumed the gel bait, as a results, they will be killed by secondary poisoning.


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How often it should be applied?


Due to the migratory habit of cockroaches, re-infestation of cockroaches in your property is expected.

This is more likely to occur if your property is of the linked type where cockroaches from your neighbours can enter through gaps, cracks and crevices and then establish themselves.

In order to manage and maintain a minimum level of cockroach infestation in your property, we recommend a one to two months inspection and gel bait application round.

Of course, your participation in keeping your property cockroach entry proof and cleanliness would definitely help to keep the cockroach population at a minimum.


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