What do we use?


To achieve our objectives of effectively control ants and to minimize use of pesticides, we use Liquid Gel Ant Bait to solve your ant problems.

This liquid bait is contained in a drop bottle and bait droplets are applied through its tip on to site surfaces.

Importantly, the bait droplets would be applied far from food stuffs and away from the reach of children or pets.


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How do we do it?


Bait droplets are applied on to ant trails, entry points, gathering or hiding places and frequented areas.

On ant trails, small liquid bait droplets would be applied directly on to the trails. These sites might be along the window sills, along the edge of the kitchen tops, along the perimeter walls and so on.

Entry points and gathering places could be cracks, crevices or gaps on the walls, inside of the kitchen cabinets, along the floor skirting and so on.

Ant frequented areas are normally where we dispose of our discarded food stuffs for example garbage bins in the kitchen.


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What are the expected results?


Ants feeding on the bait would not be killed immediately but effect is seen after several hours.

This would allow them to carry the bait back to their nests and feed others, especially the queens, the poisoned bait.

By doing so, the whole feeding ant colony would eventually be wiped out.

Ants have the habit of feeding on dead insects including their dead comrades as a results of consuming the bait.

By doing so, the living ants would also be killed due to secondary poisoning which enhances the colony elimination.


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How often it should be applied?


Ants are one of the household pests that difficult to deal with.

This is because several ant species or colonies could exist concurrently in one location.

Add to the complication is the existence of tramp ant species that are capable of establishing Super-colony which cover several kilometres wide with multiple queens and spread through colony budding.

To keep ant infestations to a minimum, we recommend at least a monthly inspection and treatment round.

For locations which required a stringent ant control like in hospitals and food processing areas, perhaps a biweekly round is recommended.


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