1. I found termite attacking my property now, what shall I do?


First of all, do not panic!

Our advice is not to do anything but call a pest control operator to look into your problem.

A well-trained and professional operator would be able to give you good recommendations and advices to effectively solve your termite problem in long term.

Take your time to go through some termite information and its control options (for example, read our Termite pages and learn How We Do It ).

That would prepare you to ask some valid questions when you come face to face with the operator.

You could always contact our termite specialists to give you some fair opinions.


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2. I found termites in my house and I have sprayed them with chemical, should I continue to spray them?


No. It is not advisable to use surface spraying on termites because this might turn your termite problem from bad to worst.

What you kill with sprays is only the tip of an iceberg. A big chunk of live termites are still living underground.

They are awaiting for the chemical residue to disappear in weeks and re-infest the same spot again or even worst, to attack your wooden fittings that are not sprayed in another location inside your house.

Thus, very often, continuous spraying would make your localized termite problem becomes a widespread problem.

For further information, please contact our pest specialist who could assist you to tackle your termite problem.


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3. What would be the best method to solve a termite problem?


We opine that among the control method available in the market, Termite Baiting Method is still the better method to solve your termite problem.

This is because baiting would solve your termite problem at the root cause.

Termite Baiting aims to eliminate the whole termite colony instead of only killing a small portion of the termite population.

By not using excessive amount of chemical, Baiting is also a safer method to be used inside your house.

We therefore a strong advocate of Termite Baiting Method and we strongly believe it can solve your termite problem in long term.


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4. Is it possible to get rid of termite problems once and for all with Baiting Method?


No. Termite Baiting Method will only eliminate a treated termite colony but has no effect on a non-treated colony.

It is the natural behavior of the queen of a colony to produce future colony through Winged Termites when its population is over size.

Even though you have eliminated a termite colony in your house, it is possible that new colony could establish near your house.

A pair of opposite sex Winged Termites, if landed in your house compound, might mate and establish a new termite colony and infest your house in future.


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5. Can Soil Treatment or Slab Injection Methods provide a long term termite protection?


No. Soil Treatment or Slab Injection Methods could only provide short to medium term termite protection.

This is because these methods are using non-persistent chemicals.

Generally, depending on the type of chemicals used, these methods could only provide 2 to 5 years termite protection.

Once the chemical layer breaks down, termites would come and infest your house.


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6. Is there any chemical free termite protection method?


Yes. We are providing a Termite Protection Program that do not use any chemicals.

Our program is based on routine (1 to 2 months) termite monitoring visits and treat termite problem, once detected, at the earliest point of time.

Please consult our Pest Specialist for more detail on this program.


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7. My neighbor is currently having a termite infestation; will it come to my property soon?


It depends.

If your property is an isolated unit like bungalow, the termite migration to your house might not be so soon.

However, if your property is a link house, semi-D, apartment or condo unit, migration of termites to your house is imminent.

If you have doubt, please contact us for a FREE termite inspection.


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8. I found termites presence in my garden, will they migrate and attack the interior woody materials of my property?


It depends on which termite species is infesting your garden trees or outdoor wooden fittings.

Some termite species would only confine to attack plants and structure outdoor.

Whilst some species would only attack wooden structure and fittings inside the house.

However, some species would attack wooden structure both outdoor and indoor.

Learn more about these termite species or consult our Pest Specialist for more details.


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9. I saw some termite wings in my house compound, what does it indicate?


If you find some termite wings in your house compound, it shows that you have a termite colony nearby your house (about 500 meters radius).

It also indicates that termites is going to setup a new colony in your house compound.


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10. I do not find my Question here?

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