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1. Can I get rid of cockroaches once and for all?


No, it is quite impossible.

This is because cockroaches are highly migratory and they are capable of hiding in secluded places.

Even you manage to kill all cockroaches in your property, new ones would come to your property through entry points or brought back through shopping bags, furniture or other means.


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2. What is the best method in controlling cockroaches in my property?


We are the strong advocate of cockroach baiting method.

Through our years of experience, this method would give a more complete control of cockroaches. Instead of killing only portions of cockroaches around your property, baiting would wipe out cockroach groups that are residing in your property.


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3. I usually keep my house very clean and tidy, yet I found cockroaches wandering in my house, why?


Cockroaches are highly migratory. So, even you keep your house clean, on and off you might see cockroaches crawling inside your house. They might enter into your home through cracks, crevices or gaps from your neighbours.

But if you keep your home clean, there are less chances for them to establish themselves in your home.


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4. Recently I found tiny size cockroaches in my home, where do they come from?


They are most likely German cockroaches, a species that usually found in fast food outlets or food stores.

In homes, they are commonly being brought back through packaging materials. Once in your home, they could multiply very fast and establish themselves. So, do check bags and other packaging materials before you bring them back to your house.


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5. What are the signs indicating my house is infested with cockroaches?


If you open your kitchen cabinets or store rooms and found a pungent smell that of cockroaches, found faeces or secretion stains, egg cases, cockroach dry skins or even dead cockroaches around your home, it is a strong indication that your house is under heavy infestation of cockroaches.


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1. I used to spray ants in my house with aerosols but still cannot solve the ant problem, why?


You would only kill those ants that being sprayed on. A large portion of the colony is unaffected by the spray. They would either foraging somewhere else or wait until the spray residue gone and re-infest the same spot again.


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2. Is there a method that can solve my ant problem once and for all?


No. Ant problem is rather complicated.

First of all, you might have several ant species coexist in one location either indoor or outdoor.

Furthermore some ant species, the tramp ants, have multiple queens and each queen control her own colony and colonies are connected together to form a super-colony.

A super-colony is so huge that it might have several million members that cover several kilometres wide. Due to the huge numbers, it really makes their control very difficult.


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3. What is the better control method that can bring ant problem to a manageable level?


The ant baiting method.

If applied correctly, ant baiting could eliminate the whole treated ant colony. It would not kill the feeding ants immediately but rather give them time to carry back the bait to nest and feed to other members including the queen.

We are strong advocate of ant baiting method. Please feel free to contact us for a Free inspection or consultation.


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4. I fixed some ant bait stations which I bought from the market in my house, they managed to solve some ant problems but some other ants seemed unaffected, why?


Ants are quite different in terms of their food preferences.

Some ant species prefer sugary food, some others prefer protein food and yet some others like fatty food.

Depend on the attractiveness of the bait you used, it might attract certain species but not the others.

Please feel free to contact us for Free consultation.


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5. I bought some ant baits from the open market which claimed to be highly effective against ants, are they safe to be used in my house?


First of all, you need to check whether the product you purchased is registered in Malaysia.

If a pesticide is registered, it should carry a proper product label with a registration number and its contents.

Learn more about registered pesticides in Malaysia by following this lead.

Using an unregistered product might carry certain risk as you do not know what is inside the product which might be highly toxic to humans.

Furthermore, you might use it inside your house and probably quite near to your food source, children or pets.


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