Mante Group Sdn Bhd helps to solve your pest problems without excessive use of chemicals.

Mante Group Sdn Bhd would be the market leader in pest control servicing industry in Malaysia through passionately solving your pest problems by emphasizing your safety at the same time caring the environments.


This is achieved by ….

  • Continuously looking and searching for target-focused, safe and effective products and methods in solving your pest problems through in-house Researches and Developments;

  • Continuously upgrading our service quality by improving on feed-backs received from our customers;

  • Continuously training and updating our stuffs so that they are highly competent, highly confident and highly committed in providing top-class services to you;

  • Continuously updating our customers, the latest and up-to-date information related to pests in order to have your active participation in our pest control program to make it a success.