What is Mante?

Mante is the French word for Praying Mantis, a predatory insect which is at the top of the food chain in the insect world. Insects are mantis primary diet, but larger mantis species are known to prey on small lizards, frogs, birds, snakes, fish and even rats.

Why Mante?

We choose Mante as our company’s name and mantis as our logo simply because, to us, it represents innovative, safe and effective methods in controlling pests. This is very much in line with our pest control solution approach, i.e. to control pests without using excessive chemicals and be target focus.

Why Green?

The corporate color of Mante Group is Green, signifies environmentally friendly. As a responsible corporate citizen, we passionately care for your safety as well as caring for the well being of the environments. This is in line with our tagline, With Passion, We Serve, We Care.

Who are we?

Mante Group is formed by a group of pest control professionals who have years of experience in the industry in Malaysia. We fully understand the customers’ needs in household pest management. 

How we operate?

We operate very much different from the industrial norms. Instead of relying on technicians to serve you, you would be served by our highly trained pest specialists. It is our position, through our specialists, to make you fully understand your pest problems and our services rendered.